Preventive Dentistry

At Dental Zone, we want every one of our patients to reap the rewards of having a healthy, beautiful smile. In Surrey, BC, we provide preventative dentistry to assist our patients in avoiding getting some of the most frequent dental disorders. You will receive excellent, specialized dental care as a patient of ours to maintain your smile clean and brilliant.

Preventative dentistry is a broad phrase that refers to a variety of dental procedures, as well as oral hygiene practices. It helps prevent tooth decay, gum disease, receding gums, abnormal tooth wear, and other oral health conditions early on.

What Can You Do?

By practicing good dental hygiene and preventive dental care at home, you may help keep your teeth and gums healthy. Routinely brushing and flossing your teeth will help you avoid the need for costly and complex dental treatments in the future. You can get the most out of our in-office treatments at our Dental Zone office if you keep up with your dental hygiene routines at home.

How We Help

It is critical to get your teeth professionally cleaned twice a year to eliminate plaque and tartar off of your teeth, especially in areas where brushing and flossing are challenging, such as along the gum line. Dental sealants are also a great idea to prevent tooth sensitivity and even losing teeth from decay. The sealant substance prevents cavities by seeping into the natural crevices and pits of the tooth surfaces, where bacteria accumulates.

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