Dental Crowns in Surrey

Just like the name suggests, crowns provide protection and covering to the teeth. In many cases, crowns also strengthen your teeth. Our dentists may use crowns to replace missing teeth and prevent it from further damage.

Why would my dentist suggest crowns?

There are a few kinds of dental crowns. Our dental specialist will examine the most ideal alternatives for your specific case before a decision is made. However, the most common the reasons why your dentist may suggest the use of crowns include:

  • Having cavity that is too large for a filling
  • Cracked and weak tooth
  • To cover a poor shaped and discolored tooth

Whatever the reason, our dentists will determine the best oral option that will improve your smile.

What happens when I get a dental crown or extension?

In the event that your dental specialist has discovered that a dental crown or extension is required, they will examine the treatment plan with you.

So as to join a crown, the current tooth should be prepared – by lessening the size with the aim that the crown or extension will fit. When the tooth is readied, the dental specialist will take an impression of the teeth so a custom crown or can be made. They at that point place a transitory crown or extension to ensure the region until the custom crown or scaffold is prepared.

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