When Can I Start Eating Chips after Wisdom Teeth Removal?

August 1, 2023 DENTAL ZONE 0

You may have several inquiries about the process if you receive a suggestion for wisdom teeth removal. You may also wonder when you can start eating chips after getting the third molar removed by the dentist near you.

Genuinely you can start eating chips as soon as you feel comfortable after the surgery for wisdom teeth removal in Surrey. However, the dentist will likely suggest you wait some days after the surgical process before trying to eat chips.

This article explains when you can eat chips after wisdom teeth removal surgery, besides presenting the common fallacies about eating chips after getting your third molars extracted. Kindly read for further information.

Why Is Nutrition Essential after Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

When recovering from the surgical process of wisdom teeth extraction, you may not feel like eating food. However, it would help if you had a healthy diet to get sufficient calories to promote healing. It indicates you must focus on foods high in nutrients. Unfortunately, eating chips after wisdom tooth removal do not help meet your nutritional requirements.

After removing your wisdom teeth, the dentist in Surrey, BC, does not recommend not eating chips after the surgery. Eating chips causes no danger to your recovery, confirming that you can have them in moderation.

When Can You Start Eating Chips after Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

You can start eating chips as soon as you are comfortable doing so. For most people feeling comfortable begins approximately 48 hours after the surgical process. However, the Surrey dentist suggests waiting a few days after the procedure before trying to eat chips.

You must listen to your body’s cues, especially if you feel discomfort when eating, because you must stop, reassess and use a different approach. In addition, if you desire to eat chips, the dental clinic suggests eating chips one at a time by moistening them before chewing.

You may experience bleeding after your surgery, but it is not a sign to stop eating unless it is excessive. For example, you must trust your body when trying to eat steak after getting wisdom teeth removed. Steaks are incredibly chewy and challenging and will likely cause pain in the surgical site. If you feel discomfort when trying to eat steak, it is best to pay heed to your body and avoid eating that specific food until you have recovered more.

Standard Fallacies about Eating Chips after Third Molar Removal

The Surrey, BC, dentist cuts your gums during wisdom teeth removal, and the incisions require a week to reattach. As a result, your gums regrow at approximately 1 millimeter daily. Unfortunately, it has created a vital concern among patients that they should avoid foods that could remain trapped in the sutures at the surgical site.

Undoubtedly chips can remain trapped in the surgical site, but it should not be a significant concern after you have your wisdom teeth removed. It helps if you realize all foods have the potential to remain trapped in the sutures if you are not careful.

Fortunately, swallowing takes food to your throat back and not to the back of your mouth to make it remain stuck in the surgical site. Therefore if you are careful when chewing and swallowing, you should avoid facing challenges when eating chips after wisdom teeth removal surgery. However, you must remain mindful of having sufficient nutritious foods and a healthy diet to promote healing instead of thinking merely about eating chips.

Emphasizing the Importance of Dental Checkups after Wisdom Tooth Removal

After getting your third molars extracted, scheduling a follow-up appointment with the Surrey dentist is essential. The meeting ensures the dentist examines the extraction site to ensure proper healing. The dentist will also check whether food particles are trapped in the surgical site. Therefore if you feel some food is trapped in the sutures, you should not pick at it but discuss it with the dentist during the follow-up appointment.

Picking food particles from the extraction site can result in a dry socket by dislodging the blood clot in the extraction area. Dry sockets are incredibly painful, require sedative dressings, and can result in further complications.

If you are due for wisdom teeth removal and wondering when you can have chips after the procedure, you can do so soon as you feel comfortable. However, it helps if you listen to the advice of the dentist removing the wisdom teeth and refraining from such foods for a few days after the procedure.

Dental Zone performs many wisdom teeth extractions using minimally invasive procedures advising patients on the foods they can eat after wisdom teeth extraction surgery. If you intend to eat chips after the third molar removal, kindly arrange an appointment with the Surrey dentist for accurate advice on when to start after removing your problematic wisdom teeth.

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