What Happens if a Decayed Tooth is Not Removed?

March 1, 2023 DENTAL ZONE 0

No one likes the thought of having to have a tooth pulled. But if the dentist finds your tooth severely decayed, he/she recommends this dental procedure. Even though our teeth and gums make up a relatively minor portion of our bodies, disregarding their demands hurts other sections of your body too.

An untreated tooth infection can spread throughout the body, cause more serious health issues, and even put your life in danger. We usually ignore tooth decay frequently until discomfort develops. Unfortunately, it turns worse the longer it goes untreated (like anything else). Cavities or tooth decay often take 3 to 6 months to start harming your nerves.

Reasons Why a Decayed Tooth Requires Extraction?

This period may be short, depending on your overall oral hygiene. Untreated cavities get large and begin to harm the gums and deeper layers of your teeth. Even if you are not in pain, there are several valid reasons why you may require tooth extraction procedure.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay always doesn’t hurt. It is due to plaque and tartar accumulation. In a few instances, it can even get so bad that an infection can spread to a tooth’s inside.

Even though the teeth cannot communicate pain to the brain, these deposits erode the enamel and weaken it. To treat the issue and protect your oral health, a dentist near you may decide to remove the decayed tooth.


Teeth are typically among the first losses in an accident. Accidents can cause serious damage to the teeth, whether due to a baseball coming at you at breakneck speed or being in a vehicle catastrophe. A tooth can occasionally sustain too much damage from an accident to be saved.

In this situation, tooth extraction is a crucial step in healing. Without treatment, a broken tooth could develop an infection and eventually need a root canal. As you already know, such a procedure can be as painful.

Preventive Extractions

Even though a tooth may not be hurting right now, it could put your oral health at risk for future issues. It is true with wisdom teeth, which can become impacted, stuck below the gum line, and subsequently cause infections, abscesses, and other significant problems. A dentist in Surrey may advise you to get such teeth removed before they start to bother you.


In addition to causing pain, teeth that are overcrowded due to tooth impaction can make smiles crooked that would otherwise be straight and well-aligned. Without braces, you can maintain a straight smile by removing the problematic teeth in the rear of the mouth. It creates a free space for the remaining teeth to spread out as needed.

Broken Teeth

Excruciating toothaches and discomfort can result from broken teeth. The dentist could advise tooth removal and implant or bridge replacement if he/she sees the tooth too badly damaged and repair is not an option.

Gum Disease

Same to tooth decay, periodontal and gum diseases are due to plaque and tartar buildup on the teeth. Gingivitis and periodontitis are the two most common disorders. Both can affect a person’s gums and the bone that supports their teeth. Periodontitis is an inflammation of the bones and tissues supporting the teeth, whereas gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums around the teeth.

Bone Infection

The bones surrounding your infected tooth, especially your jawbone, are the first place where bacteria go for food. The primary cause of bone loss, through which your teeth shift and go out of alignment is “periodontal disease.” Not only periodontal disease is painful but makes food challenging to chew and swallow properly too.

Your teeth will keep shifting over time, harming your jawbone. To prevent further damage to the rest of the mouth, the dentist recommends getting an extraction if your teeth start to move due to periodontal disease.

To Get More Information, Contact Experts at Dental Zone Now!

It’s also crucial to keep in mind that your dentist will try every alternative option before opting to extract your tooth. The only way to fully protect your mouth is occasionally to remove that problematic tooth. Visit our top dental office or call dentists at our website today.

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