What Can You Eat After a Temporary Crown

June 1, 2023 DENTAL ZONE 0

Teeth with significant decay or fractures are best protected with dental crowns or caps to cover the underlying tooth structure and prevent further damage and harm. Dentists recommend dental crowns to safeguard severely decayed, damaged, or root canal-treated teeth suggesting patients get dental crowns for their tooth’s safety.

Dental crowns are not OTC appliances that you put over your tooth soon after the dentist near you recommend them. Except for CEREC crowns, most dental crowns are fabricated at an off-site dental laboratory after the dentist prepares your tooth, impressions it, and sends the images for customizing your permanent restoration. Dental laboratories require at least three weeks to customize the crown. However, your prepared tooth also needs protection which the dentist provides by placing a temporary acrylic crown over the affected tooth, asking you to follow specific instructions to ensure you do not damage the acrylic restoration before the dental lab returns your tooth’s crowning glory.

After placing a temporary crown in Surrey on your prepared tooth, the nearby dentist suggests the foods and beverages to avoid with temporary crowns. The restriction ensures you don’t damage the temporary restoration until you receive permanent dental crowns from the dental laboratory. Therefore you must adhere to the dentist’s advice to ensure you don’t leave your tooth susceptible to additional infections but benefit from the temporary replacements by avoiding the foods and beverages suggested.

Eating Restrictions for 30 Minutes after Temporary Crown Placement

Although you will eventually receive permanent restoration by replacing the temporary crown helps if you remember you must keep it secure and avoid problems by getting it for at least 30 minutes after temporary crown placement by bonding over the affected tooth.

Foods to Avoid with Temporary Crowns

Some foods can potentially dislodge the temporary crown making it essential to avoid foods like caramel, corn nuts, granola, Taffy, chewing gum, corn on the cob, bagels, French bread, and apples. In addition, hot and cold temperatures from beverages like coffee and chilled drinks can cause tooth sensitivity. Therefore you must refrain from having them, preferring lukewarm or room-temperature foods and drinks with the temporary crown safeguarding your tooth.

It helps if you stick with a soft diet because crunchy and sticky foods are harmful to the temporary crown in your mouth. It indicates you must have soft foods like yogurt, mashed potatoes, oatmeal, applesauce, smoothies, bananas, soups, et cetera. Foods that do not require much effort to eat or chew best serve your purpose with temporary crowns over the damaged tooth.

Chewing on the opposite side of your mouth is recommended by the Surrey dentist to prevent damage to the temporary replacement. In the first 48 hours, it is beneficial to reduce discomfort and keep the temporary crown in place.

Dental Hygiene with Temporary Crowns

Brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing is essential whether your teeth are in optimal shape or have temporary crowns in your mouth. You must also rinse your mouth with antibacterial mouthwash a few times daily to reduce the risk of infections and inflammation with the temporary crown in your mouth.

Permanent Crown Placement

You must visit the Surrey dentist for permanent Crown placement after three weeks when the dental lab returns your restoration. During your second visit, the dentist will remove the temporary crown and check the permanent crown for colour and fit before bonding it to the damaged tooth using special dental cement.

Same Day Crowns

Some dentists have invested in CEREC same-day crowns, which they provide in one visit to their office without needing temporary crowns. In such cases, dentists capture digital images of your teeth to fabricate a dental crown in the dental office soon after preparing your tooth using digital scanning and custom milling technology. Same-day crowns don’t require a temporary crown placed over the damaged tooth because you receive the restoration while waiting in the reception. However, only some are eligible for same-day crowns, and some may need traditional crowns fabricated in off-site laboratories. Therefore when recommended a dental crown to protect your decayed, damaged, or discoloured tooth, you must discuss all options with the dentist and accept their purpose to restore your tooth with the optimal dental crown.

If you must receive a traditional dental crown from the Surrey dentist, you must follow the practitioner’s advice and instructions about the foods and drinks to avoid with crowns with the temporary replacements over your tooth.

If a damaged tooth needs restoration with traditional crowns, you can receive them from Dental Zone but must adhere to the dentist’s instructions on the foods and drinks to avoid when having temporary crowns in your mouth. However, the restrictions are merely for three weeks until you can get the permanent restoration over your tooth to continue living everyday life.

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