What Are Dental Emergencies and How to Manage Them When They Occur?

November 1, 2022 DENTAL ZONE 0

Although dental emergencies occur frequently and are frightening, they are merely dental issues and not emergencies. Dental problems left untreated over time can start causing pain and inflammation to require treatment promptly or leave the individual confronting the situation with pain and concerns about their dental health.

A knocked out tooth, toothaches or a chipped tooth, or problems with dental crowns are undoubtedly severe dental problems, but except for the knocked out tooth, the others are not considered dental emergencies.

It helps if you try to understand what dental emergencies are and the steps you must take if one occurs with you in unexpected situations. For example, some issues require an urgent care visit to your dentist, while others need treatment from the emergency dentist in Surrey, BC, especially if you are involved in an accident.

What Are Common Dental Emergencies?

Sporting injuries, an accidental fall from your bicycle, accidents at work, or even trip and fall incidents with impacts on your mouth are dental emergencies. You must exercise caution when participating in sporting activities, wearing appropriate mouthguards to prevent dental injuries. Exercising care when eating hard Candy or drinking from bottles helps because they can conveniently crack or break your tooth.

What Should I Do If I Confront a Dental Emergency?

If you confront a dental emergency like a knocked out, a dental abscess, or severe toothaches, you mustn’t rely on home remedies or consider visits to the neighbourhood pharmacy for over-the-counter pain relievers. Instead, you find it beneficial to contact the Surrey dental clinic immediately to receive the emergency care you need without delay.

For example, if you have a knocked-out tooth, the optimal option is to receive treatment from the dental clinic mentioned above because you find it practically impossible to reinsert the tooth into its socket and keep it there for its roots to reattach. However, you must reach the dental clinic within 30 minutes with the tooth in your possession kept in moist condition to have the dentist splint it to the adjacent teeth allowing its roots to reattach in approximately two months. If you delay treatment time to avoid emergency dental visits, you might have two invest in replacement solutions costing thousands instead of spending merely a few hundred dollars to preserve your natural tooth.

If you have untreated cavities in a tooth causing excruciating pain with a dental abscess near the roots, consider yourself facing a situation with life-threatening consequences. You require timely treatment from the Surrey dentist to drain the infection, receive antibiotics and pain relievers, and undergo the dreadful root canal treatment to save your tooth. If you ignore the remedy suggested by dentists, you become a victim of tooth loss because it is the only alternative to deal with a dental abscess or deep infections in your tooth.

Dental issues such as a chipped tooth, lost fillings, pain from a dental crown and a broken tooth are not necessarily considered emergencies by dental offices. However, they need care at the earliest because they are potential reasons for needing intensive treatments if left untreated.

Is a Toothache a Dental Emergency?

Not every dental issue requires treatment from emergency dentists. If you experience impacts on your mouth and suffer excruciating pain, it is always better to seek treatment from an emergency dentist instead of waiting for an urgent care appointment from your regular dental care provider. However, if you have a mild toothache resulting from food particles trapped between your teeth, you can use techniques like brushing and flossing to eliminate the irritants to find relief. However, if you fail, it indicates you might have tooth decay in the mouth that needs filling at the earliest from your dental professional. Therefore you must ensure you schedule an appointment with your dentist to have the tooth fixed to ensure you don’t experience toothaches when least expected.

If impacts on your mouth injure your teeth, leaving the condition untreated can invite severe complications in the mouth because your mouth bacteria enter the chips or cracks to penetrate the tooth and cause infections to your dental pulp. Therefore when injured with impacts on your mouth causing pain and bleeding, you must have the teeth evaluated and fixed by an emergency dentist as a preventive measure against severe complications.

How to React When Facing Dental Emergencies?

As mentioned earlier, when facing dental emergencies, you must contact a qualified and licensed dentist for treatment before your symptoms worsen by trying to treat the situation from home. Dentists ensure they alleviate the dental pain you experience and save your tooth to prevent needing artificial teeth.

If you fear dental emergencies, Dental Zone suggests you keep information on what constitutes dental situations and how to manage them as best possible until you get to their practice to receive the essential treatment to ensure the problem doesn’t aggravate or worsen promptly.

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