Getting a Dental Crown: Should It Feel Like Your Natural Tooth?

September 1, 2021 DENTAL ZONE 0

For years now, dental crowns have been the go-to option when one has severely damaged teeth. They can transform an unattractive, severely decayed, cracked, or discolored tooth and make it functional and beautiful again. Once you get them fitted at our dental office in Surrey, they can last for decades.

However, when the crown doesn’t fit right, it can be a nightmare. This might reduce not only the lifespan of the crown but can threaten your oral health as well. You might get more cavities, cracked teeth, gum disease, and even jaw problems.

But let’s not forget that crowns come with tons of benefits, hence why they have been used in dentistry all these years. You can count on them to cover large fillings and even deal with cosmetic dental issues.

On the other hand, they come with disadvantages that need to be mentioned to help you make informed decisions moving forward.

What Are the Disadvantages of Getting a Dental Crown?

One common issue viewed as a disadvantage is that your tooth has to be filed down for the crown to be a perfect fit. This is an extensive and irreversible procedure since enamel can never grow back. So, when you go down this road, know that it is a one-way street!

Besides this, some patients may experience discomfort immediately after the procedure, especially sensitivity to cold and hot foods and drinks. But, you can mitigate this issue by buying a toothpaste designed to deal with sensitive teeth.

Also, others may feel pain when they bite down, which could be caused by the crown being placed too high; therefore, obstructing your teeth on the opposite jaw. But, this can be resolved when you come to our dental office in Surrey, where our dentist can readjust the height of the crown.

On the other hand, tooth crowns can get chipped after some time, especially if you have gone for all-porcelain crowns. Again, repairs can be done at our office without removing the crown, especially minimal damage. But if the damage is extensive, then you may need a crown replacement.

The bonding material used to hold the crown in place may also wash away. In this case, the crown gets loose and allows bacteria and food to enter underneath the tooth. In no time, you could be battling tooth decay or even gum disease. Once in a while, the crown may fall off because there isn’t enough cement to hold it in place.

Patients may have an allergic reaction to porcelain or the other metals used to fabricate dental crowns on rare occasions.

How Long Should a New Crown Feel Uncomfortable in That Area?

Crowns are created to fit your bite perfectly. This is because dental impressions are taken before fabrication to ensure that they are a perfect fit. This means that they are shaped like your teeth and designed to fit precisely in your mouth.

Occasionally, these crowns, especially newly fitted crowns, can feel uncomfortable, and at times, uneven. You may even think that something is wrong. However, crowns should feel like your natural teeth, so it’s understandable when you feel a bit unsettled when they feel off.

Before you start panicking, you also need to understand that a crown is a dental prosthetic. So, you will need an adjustment window before your brain registers that having the crown is the new norm.

In most cases, patients will take two to four days to adjust to the new crowns. You may feel that they may be uneven for the first three days or so, but that is to be expected if it’s a new crown. However, this shouldn’t be the case after four days.

What Should You Do If You Are in Pain?

If the crown feels uneven or you are in pain or discomfort after four days, then you may need to visit our dentist since there’s nothing you can do to remedy this while at home. There’s a chance that the crown wasn’t installed properly and would need refitting.

However, when the sensitivity or discomfort subsides, the crown will feel like your natural teeth. Contact us at Dental Zone if you have any questions concerning dental crowns or any other dental issue.

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