Can You Smoke after Getting a Dental Crown?

December 1, 2022 DENTAL ZONE 0

Smoking is harmful to your body and your dental health. Smoking leaves your teeth discoloured, affecting your general health and making you victims of treatments from different medical professionals, including dentists.

Over time, your teeth can sustain damage due to decay, injuries, bruxism, and other reasons. If you have sufficient tooth structure remaining, you can consider yourself fortunate because your tooth can be saved. Unfortunately, if you have severe damage or decay, a dental crown is the sole remedy that helps protect your tooth.

Regardless of your reasons for a dental crown, you might wonder whether you can smoke after getting the restoration if you are accustomed to the habit. After most dental processes, the dentist in Surrey suggests not to smoke whether you receive treatment for extracting a tooth, root canals, dental implants or gum surgery.

This composition focuses on the dental crown procedure and the harmful effects of smoking after receiving the treatment. Kindly read for more details.

Can I Vape after Getting a Dental Crown?

Information that you cannot smoke after getting a dental crown in Surrey might make you wonder whether you can replace cigarettes with vaping or smokeless tobacco. Unfortunately, smokeless tobacco also contains the chemicals of this harmful substance, making it inappropriate for use after restoring your tooth by undergoing an intensive procedure. Therefore the answer to your question is negative because you must avoid tobacco in all forms if you intend to preserve the integrity of the repaired tooth and recover quickly to enjoy the functionality of your restored tooth.

What Does the Dental Crown Procedure Entail?

When you visit the dental clinic near me requesting a dental crown for your damaged tooth, the dentist starts by examining your teeth to determine your eligibility for the treatment. The exam includes x-rays to evaluate the severity of the damage to the tooth and the underlying bone.

If your tooth is not repairable, an extraction might be recommended by the dentist to replace it with dental bridges or implants. However, if the tooth has infections and is repairable, the dentist suggests performing root canal treatment before capping the tooth with a crown.

If you are a candidate for the dental crown procedure, the dentist reshapes your tooth to make space to accommodate the restoration. Although painful, you experience no discomfort because the dentist numbs the tooth and gums. Following the reshaping, impressions and the colour of your tooth are sent to the dental lab to fabricate a customized crown. Finally, the dentist provides temporary acrylic ground over the reshaped tooth for protection.

You must wait at least three weeks for the dental laboratory to return your customized crown. However, you can return to the Surrey dentist after three weeks when the dentist starts the procedure by removing your temporary crown and placing the permanent crown over your tooth. The customized restoration is fixed permanently over the reshaped tooth using special dental cement. If required, you can schedule follow-up appointments with the dentist to monitor the progress of your restoration.

Harmful Effects of Smoking after Getting a Dental Crown

When receiving dental crowns, the Surrey dentists suggest not smoking after dental crowns before and after the procedure. The chemicals from tobacco can cause harmful effects to result in the following:

  • Delayed Healing: Tobacco products contain harmful chemicals that affect regular blood flow. Smoking after getting a dental crown affects the flow of oxygen to the blood, inhibiting the gums around the treated tooth from recovering efficiently.
  • Infection Risks: besides delayed healing, tobacco products irritate your gums around the new restoration, causing inflammation. Inflammation and delayed recovery increase your risk of infections and might lead to gum disease and oral conditions. You might need treatment from emergency dentists if you develop infections around the crowns.
  • Loose Teeth: you might become affected by receding gums surrounding the dental crown because of delayed healing and infection. Your tooth can become loose and unstable eventually. It might result in losing the tooth and the crown due to extraction.
  • Discoloration: permanent crowns created from porcelain are resistant to stains. However, practices like smoking can make your crowns discolour over time. In addition, unlike natural teeth, your dental crown is resistant to whitening treatments dentists provide using bleaching ingredients. Therefore it helps if you refrain from smoking after restoring your teeth with dental crowns.

Before undergoing any dental procedure, the Surrey dentist recommends you stop smoking 24 hours before your treatment and give up the habit permanently, if possible, after receiving your dental crown. Therefore if you must have your tooth restored, you help by following your dentist’s instructions for optimal results.

Dental Zone provides dental crowns in Surrey and suggests patients not smoke before and after getting their tooth fixed. If you have tooth damage or decay needing repairs contacting this practice is recommended to ensure you receive durable restorations and keep them in your mouth for their lifespans.

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