Can I get Dental Implants While Pregnant?

January 1, 2023 DENTAL ZONE 0

When a woman is pregnant, they tend to question everything before they do it. For example, pregnant women consider everything they drink and eat, their exercise routine, and even dental care. But should a woman change their dental care because they are pregnant?

In many cases, a pregnant woman can continue with regular dental care like before they were pregnant. However, when it comes to other procedures, they might have reasons to consider if it’s necessary before going through the procedure.

Dental Implants and Pregnancy

Pregnant women are advised to go for their dental implant procedure during their first trimester. However, in case of urgent requirements for a dental implant being placed, it’s recommended you wait until after your delivery.

What are the Possible Risks?

Anesthesia: A dentist in Surrey says that local anesthesia is safe when administered to a pregnant woman. However, it might not be safe when a pregnant woman is given general anesthesia as it will put them to sleep. In addition, it needs oral surgery for a dental implant to be placed on the jawbone. The placement requires local anesthesia, but your dentist might recommend general anesthesia if you are nervous during a dental procedure.

X-rays: Before receiving dental implants from a dentist near you, the dentist will first take x-rays of your mouth to evaluate the position of the tip and bone density. Dental X-rays are deemed to be safe during pregnancy. However, if the unborn baby is exposed to the radiation used during X-rays, there are risks involved. So it’s good to avoid x-rays to prevent any risk.

Stress: If you are pregnant, nervous, or anxious during a dental procedure, it would be best to wait until delivery. When you have stress during pregnancy, getting dental implants is not worth the risk. If you have high levels of stress, it might cause gestational hypertension, which might impact negative effects on the unborn baby.

Importance of Routine Teeth Cleaning

It’s important and safe to visit your dentist regularly for teeth cleaning. If you are pregnant, you can skip the dental x-rays if any are required. Although the amount of radiation you’ll be exposed to we’ll be safe, and you will be wearing a safety drape, it’s good to skip it.

You are free to postpone dental X-rays until next time. The risk of tooth decay can be increased by pregnancy, so it’s important to get your teeth cleaned professionally by our dentists at Dental Zone.

When is an Implant Considered Urgent?

If you are pregnant and feel pain from a severely decayed tooth, it might need to be extracted. If it’s a premolar or a molar, you can wait until your baby is delivered to replace the tooth. However, if the paining tooth is a front one, your dentist will have it replaced with a dental implant immediately. If you are in your second or third trimester, it’s safe to use local anesthesia when placing your implant.

Why Dental Implants Procedure Should Wait 

After your first trimester, your dentist will inform you that you can go for routine dental treatments such as root canals, crowns and fillings.

Only local anesthesia it’s safe when a woman is pregnant. However, dental implants need general anesthesia, which is risky to the unborn baby and the expectant mum. Also, many dental procedures require x-rays which are discouraged during pregnancy.

Getting Started

Once pregnant women have reached their second trimester, they can schedule their dental implant process in Surrey. This is done by scheduling a consultation with the dentist. Dental X-rays are safe during the second trimester, and the dentists will evaluate the jawbone to determine whether bone grafting is necessary before placing the dental implants.

How to Prepare for Dental Implants

A pregnant woman waiting for dental implants during pregnancy should maintain proper oral health for the benefit of their unborn child and themselves. This includes flossing and brushing daily. Also, visiting the dentist for professional cleaning and dental checkups is essential. This is because it allows your dentist to evaluate your oral health and protect you from developing problems.

If you are pregnant and need a dental implant, our dentists will perform the dental procedure safely. They will carefully place the implant at the exact angle, depth, and location to ensure the procedure is safe and efficient.

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